There are so many decisions we have to make on a daily basis. We choose what to wear, who to talk to, what projects we will focus on, what show we will watch, and sometimes the even bigger ones of – if we are ready to have children, do I take a leap into a new career, how can I best generate new business.

The problem that happens all too often though, is we begin to lose our confidence in feeling the clarity needed to make the choice – to pull the trigger – and really know we made the right choice when we do decide. We begin to feel such lack of clarity that we start to question all our decision making abilities. Nothing seems like the right answer and we waver back and forth again and again on things that should not even take us much time to decide on at all.

So when we get so far off from our center of being confident in making decisions, how do we navigate back to getting the clarity we need in life? How can we become confident again in feeling like every choice we make is clear?

There are so many different way that you can begin to gain clarity in your life again. It requires taking a step back, looking at your everyday life, and finding ways to incorporate the activities and acts that will bring you back into connection with confidence in the clarity of your thinking.

Here are 5 steps you can take that will help you be able to gain more clarity in your life:

1. Get out in nature. When we begin to lose our clarity, it usually is also tied up with not taking enough time to really connect to ourselves. A great way to reconnect to yourself, and step back from all the noise of everyday life, is to get out in nature. Anytime you can take time in nature, you will find that you are rejuvenated, and feel lighter. You are able to ground yourself in nature, which will help leave you more clear to make decisions.

2. Find some time for play. A lot of times we feel like we constantly need to do do do, and go go go, and be be be. This means we are always trying to achieve, and leaving little space in our lives for play. Play is important because it allows you to tap into your joy. Within our joy, lies more clarity because we are open, happy, and more receptive to the world around us. Some great ways to get some play in are – having a dance party to your favorite songs, going to a playground and swinging on the swings, or coloring in a coloring book – anything that really lights you up and makes you feel alive.

3. Use a journal. Writing is a great way to get clear on what it is you really want. A lot of times we need to “dump” all the thoughts that are constantly racing in our head. You can write them out to purge, and then you can start getting more clear on what it is you really want. It’s also a wonderful way to begin the process of tapping into our own intuition.

4. Implement a spiritual practice. A lot of time when we lack clarity we are disconnected with ourselves and the world around us. It is important to establish the connection to the world around us through a spiritual practice. This can be done through meditation, prayer, working with tarot cards, joining others in drum or dance circles – anything that helps you feel connected to others and the world.

5. Fuel your body with the right foods. Taking a look at your diet and what you are eating can really impact your clarity. If you are eating foods that have a lot of sugar, ingesting a ton of caffeine, and not eating a balanced diet it can really throw off your body’s ability to be in balance. When you are unbalanced physically, it will lead you to feeling off in your clarity. It’s important to make sure you are fueling yourself with the right foods to keep you healthy and clear.

All of these steps can be incorporated into your daily life to start giving you the ability to feel clarity in your life. Try using as many as you can, and build them into your routine, so you don’t feel like you are struggling when it comes time to make a decision.

If you have tried these steps and still feel you need more help to gain clarity and direction in your own life, then a personal growth or business strategy reading is the right way to get the support you need. To learn more about how I help my clients and to schedule a reading, visit

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