This is a message channeled for the collective. If you are reading this, then know that it it is meant for you to hear and take in as your own.

Dear Loves,
Life shifts and changes so much.  As soon as the year starts you turn around and it is over.  It’s time to take a look back on what you have achieved this year.  See it with kindness and compassion.  Don’t view the should haves and what didn’t happen.  Instead, look at it with the gentleness you would bestow on your best friend.  It’s a time to celebrate what you have done in this year, and a time to embrace what can be changed in the new year.  You have so many moments you get to choose.  How do you want to choose next year?  Can you choose yourself more? Make more space for the love and grace in your heart for yourself?  Take that in and see what can shift for you to do that.  There’s so much that can happen in a moment when you choose to bring more love in and not just for others, but also yourself.  

Channeled through Jocelyn L Robinson, Intuitive Psychic Channeler

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