This is a message channeled for the collective. If you are reading this, then know that it it is meant for you to hear and take in as your own.

Dear Loves,
This is a time of process.  A time to move through what has been stuck to you through the beginning of this year.  Release. Release. Release.  Let go what no longer serves you.  Let the energy of the Earth dissolve what you no longer need.  There is no reason to have the fear in your heart that you don’t deserve what it is you desire.  Release those thoughts that are holding you back from moving into who you are meant to be. The only way for you to move forward to get what it is you want is to leave behind the stories you have created for yourself.  It’s time to write a new story.  One with so many big visions and dreams that it almost seems too big.  Go there, to the biggest place, and from there set your intentions so you can release the story that is no longer serving you.  It’s time to be bigger and bolder than you ever have before, and know that it is truth for you.  Those big dreams and visions.  It is what is real! 

Channeled through Jocelyn L Robinson, Intuitive Psychic Channeler

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