This is a message channeled for the collective. If you are reading this, then know that it it is meant for you to hear and take in as your own.

Dear Loves,
It’s not time to run.  It’s time to face what is in front of you.  There is no need to think you can’t.  Take that word out of your vocabulary.  You can, you do, and you will. But only if you believe.  You have to have the belief in yourself as we do.  That is how you truly move forward and push past your fear and your doubt.  There is no limit to what you can achieve when you start with seeing yourself as capable.  You can make this choice to shift to that, and operate from that space.  It will feel new and different, but it is also freeing to know you are able.  Able to achieve what you see, or what is put in front of you.  Don’t rush from the fear, but embrace it, settle into it, and then release it knowing it is not your truth any longer.  Find a way to shift to there every time and you embrace the can! 

Channeled through Jocelyn L Robinson, Intuitive Psychic Channeler

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