For several years now, I have chosen a word to be the theme of my new year.  It has always been something that I need to work on, as well as something I want to attract more of into my life.  Every year I have done this, the universe has responded in giving me many things that coincide with the word I choose.  I will give you an example so you get an idea of what I mean.  

Last year I chose the word Authenticity, because I was not being fully myself out in the world and all of who I am.  See, I was hiding a secret, a pretty big one.  I had psychic gifts, and only a few select people knew about them.  I did not feel like I could truly share that with the world, and felt a lot of fear around “coming out of the psychic closet”.   So, I looked carefully at what I wanted more of along with this struggle of mine, and what came out of that examination was me being able to be fully myself as often and as much as possible – and that’s where my word Authenticity came from.  

Fast forward a few months into 2017, I lose my job and I decide that now is the time to really be truly myself by sharing my gifts and starting my Intuitive Reading business.  I have taken more leaps and steps into being my full self this year, than I ever have before.  I did so many things that I was afraid of  – like telling all my family and friends about my gifts, doing Facebook live channels, sharing my story in the media on radio and podcasts, and taking the leap into entrepreneurship.  The Universe fully delivered on my word AND then some!  

So I want to help you figure out how to choose your word for the next year and years to come.  I have 4 steps that I believe can help you lock in the right word or couple of words for you to claim for yourself for next year!

So grab a pen and a journal…because you got some work to do!

Step 1 – What are you struggling with right now.

Start writing out a list of areas in your life you are struggling in.  This can be in your personal life, work life, spiritual life, physical challenges – anything goes.  Do you need more balance in your life?  Are you having trouble being physically active?  Do you struggle to really put yourself out there romantically?  Take a few minutes to jot down all of these trouble areas.

Step 2 – What do you want more of in the next year.

Now comes the fun part!  What is it you want your next year to look like?  What are the things you want MORE of in your life?  Maybe you want to have more fun, or you want to travel more, or you want to have more spirituality in your daily life – or maybe you want to see yourself follow through on things.  Think big in this department!

Step 3 –  Choose your word.

It’s time to figure out what your word should be!  Look at what you have written in Steps 1 and 2.  What common themes are coming up for you in both sections?  What are you seeing that could sum up a lot of what you wrote in both steps?  Figure out what are the most important themes coming up, and then think of words that relate to those themes.  When you have a couple words rolling around in your head, feel into what seems like the best fit for you in your new year.  Then pick your final word.   You can choose a couple words for yourself as an overall theme, if that is a better fit, so don’t feel confined to only 1 word, but try to make it as succinct as possible!

Step 4 – Write out your intentions for your word.

Now that you have your word, you want to make sure and write out your detailed intentions for how you want the word to manifest in your life throughout the next year.  If you need a refresher on how to write intentions, you can check out my video here.  Make sure you think of all the creative ways you can use this word to set your intentions!

I want to know what word you choose!  I would love to follow along how your journey unfolds with your word – so tag me on Facebook @JocelynLeeRobinson or on Instagram @JocelynLRobinson so I can know how the word you choose shows up in your life throughout the year!

If you need some more help in clarifying what your focus should be in the New Year, then book an Intuitive Reading with me so I can support you in getting all of what you want next year!

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