There are so many different types of amazing spiritual gifts in the world. Some people work through the art of healing with their hands through energy practices like Reiki, others are able to use their gift through song and music in beautiful Kirtan chanting, and still others have the vision through the magnificent art they create to view. Another spiritual gift that comes in many different shapes and forms in the gift of channeling.

Channeling is the ability to tap into the cosmic field of energy and pull information for yourself or others from the spiritual guides that are part of the team to any given person. Since we are all connected energetically, and connected to the spiritual realm, it is a matter of just tapping into a person’s specific energy to “tune in” to their frequency. You can think of it almost like turning the dial to find the radio station you are searching for to listen to. You have to be at that specific frequency to hear what is on for that station. In similar terms, a channeler is tuning into that person’s station to get the messages specific for another person or herself.

Since we are all energy and connected, we all do have the power to tap into our own spiritual gifts. The way I have been able to come into my gift of channeling, was through clearing all the past emotional wounds and trauma that was weighing me down for many years of my life. This allowed me to be fully open, and able to tap into what was there but had been buried underneath all my own personal struggles.

It can come in many different shapes and forms, this gift of channeling. For me personally, I experience my gift of channeling through claircognizance, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.

Claircognizance is the ability of having an inner knowing and the best way for me to describe that is that I automatically am able to have thoughts come into my head and know things about the person I am conducting a reading for, that I would not have any knowledge of on my own.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see images that come in the form of messages. I have images that come to me in readings, that I then am able to feel into the meaning and translate them for my clients.

Clairsentience is the ability to feel things in your body and connect to emotions and physical issues within your own body that are what someone else is experiencing. I frequently can feel different types of pain, anxiety or emotion in my body that my clients are also experiencing.

When someone can connect to a person’s spiritual team, they channel the information in a form of guidance for that person. The real truth is that it is the individual’s own guidance coming through the channel. A channeled session allows for a person to explore anything from relationship issues, health challenges, career questions, business strategy, and even explore questions around life purpose. During a session, things are revealed to help a person move forward in their life toward their highest good. Things around the source of issues holding a person back can be uncovered, and even assignments as forms of ways for a person to move past any issues keeping them stuck.

A channel is less about future predicting. Most people who channel can be called psychic because the gifts they have are ones of psychic abilities. The thing though is that every person has free will. No matter what a channeler can say about your future, the person getting a reading always has power in their choice. They can choose a different path, or a different option that would redirect the course of what could be considered as the future predicting. So the real benefit to receiving a channeled message, is to provide the client with the messages and guidance they need to receive right now. It’s about learning about how you can tap into the information your guides want you to hear, to help you move forward in your life in the present moment, which in turn positions you for the future you desire.

Are you ready to find out the messages that wait for you to help you gain clarity and direction in your own life? To learn more about how I help my clients and to schedule a reading for personal growth or business strategy, go HERE.

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